"My work as an artist motivates me to bring the reality of life into the studio, putting into form and practice my vision and convictions about life in all its potential and fragility. I work in drawing and water media, and egg tempera and gilding on gessoed boards. Exhibits of my work involve various installation elements, exploring fresh ways to engage viewers. The most compelling aspect of my process is how I am changed as I see more deeply; I communicate to the viewer as a result of my own self-discoveries. People and experiences are more than subjects for my art; they are mysteries to ponder. While I work in solitude most often, I view art-making as relational in nature, a way of mindfully performing what I aspire to be as a person in community. My approach to painting encompasses intimate experiences and daily circumstances, the quotidian and the unique in human experience. The artistic process cross-references contemporary visual culture and sacred tradition, translating between personal and universal, the temporal and the timeless."

—Anne E. Emmons