About Anne

Anne E. Emmons

Anne E. Emmons

Anne Emmons was born in Denver, a third generation native of Colorado.

Her life was permanently influenced by a love of beauty and a desire to make images. Art is her first language, in a sense. She studied art, geology and art history, earning a BFA from CU Denver and an MFA from Azusa Pacific University in Los Angeles. Her training includes study under acclaimed artists, including Bruce Herman, Mako Fujimura, Barry Krammes, Ed Knippers and iconographers Dimitri Andreyev, Irene Perez Omer and Mary Sullivan Coit.

Emmons’ art has been exhibited in Los Angeles, Denver, Santa Fe, Washington, Massachusetts and Kansas, and owned in collections in the US, Switzerland, Algeria, Bosnia and Chile.  She has worked as a college art instructor and studio workshop instructor in various adult and children’s art programs. She lives in Lakewood, CO and is active in the Denver art community, Christos Collective, and CIVA.

Emmons’ research of the theology of beauty in various artistic traditions and the image in Christian contemplative practice developed as a series of seminars, All That Is Seen and Unseen, presented in Colorado, California, Kansas and Oklahoma.

Emmons’ artistic practice is grounded in drawing and painting. She works primarily in watercolor, egg tempera and gilding. Her studio practice evolved from painting to incorporate social interaction, performance and installation elements. Her thesis project, Incomplete Icons of Personhood, exhibited in 2010 and continuing, explores human personhood through the symbolic language of the icon, within the context of relationship roles within family, across cultures and temporal boundaries.

Anne E. Emmons CV (PDF)